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Precision Energy medicine™

Master BodyIntuitive Practitioner  Qigong Instructor
Prayer Facilitation

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 Do you want to feel elevated, balanced, and sustained vital energy, every day? Come practice with me!

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"Laura's approach to healing is deeply intuitive as well as informed by rigorous study and training. Her ability to get to the root of health challenges- be they of body, mind, spirit, or genetics and ancestry- is consistently accurate and reflects her skill, deep wisdom and understanding of the interconnection of all things.
 ~Dr. Christina J, Nurse Practitioner



awakening spring Qigong


9-day challenge


Upcoming Courses 

Yi Jin Jing- Tendon and Ligament Strengthening Qigong


Yi Jin Jing - Tendon and Ligament Strengthening Qigong

Yi Jin Jing is the perfect Qigong practice for Spring to stretch and strengthen your tendons and ligaments with exercises like Thrusting Claws and Flapping Wings, Pouncing Tiger, Blue Dragon Extends its Claws, Pulling 9 Oxen by the Tail, and Plucking Stars. The moves are designed to wake up the wood element - The element of Spring.  


Lorie Eve Deschar expresses so beautifully the power of wood: "When a person is ready to look within and open to a new possibility...a time to complete a cycle of suffering...when qi flows freely between the soul of the heart (shen) and the soul of the liver (hun), allowing the guiding light of spirit to come back into connection with the soul."


Let's practice together and awaken the guiding light of the spirit of spring with the beautiful and powerful practices of Yi Jin Jing Qigong. 

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Transform Stress into Energy

Energy Freedom Circle

Yin Yang Medical
Qigong Training
for beginners and
seasoned practitioners

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Ready to restore vibrant precious life energy?
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Precision Energy Medicine™


Combining 21st-century science
with the time-tested practices of Chinese Medicine

Mind Body Spirit Healing in a chaotic world
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MON - FRI: 1:00PM - 5:30PM 


200 Eagle Road, Suite 210, Wayne,

PA 19087
Phone 484-624-1468


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