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Young man practicing traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Ji and Qi gong in the park for healthy

Heart Strengthening Qigong

Heart Strengthening Qigong

The Fire Element of the Summer

"In Daoist theory, June  21st is the fullest expression of yang energy in the northern hemisphere. It is the tipping point at which yang simply cannot increase any further and yin begins to seep back in again. Yang is about activity, strength, and accomplishments."  BK Frantzis.


For all Qigong enthusiasts, experienced and beginners alike, Heart Strengthening Qigong is designed to balance the Shaoyin relationship between fire and water, the soul aspects of the heart and kidneys, the Shen and Xhi, yin and yang, and contraction and expansion. This form is best practiced outside in the elements in the morning when the sun is just rising over the horizon and the early morning dew is fresh in the air. 

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