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Precision Energy Medicine

Precision Energy Medicine works with the interface of the physical and energetic bodies, mind and spirit to assess and address health challenges. 

Precision Energy Medicine and BodyIntuitive
offers energetic interventions
that are subtle, gentle and heart centered. 

Energy healing sessions are deeply intuitive and well-informed by rigorous study and training and get to the root of your health challenges- be they of body, mind, or spirit.  They are designed to meet your healthcare needs - physical, cellular, energetic, psycho-emotional, or spiritual.   The sessions are consistently accurate and reflect deep wisdom and understanding of the interconnection of all things.  


The ability to assist in transforming these challenges sets Precision Energy Medicine apart from other modalities. The sessions have proven over time to have long-term positive effects from lowering anxiety levels, clearing effects from trauma, and supporting healthy responses to a stressful life.


Clients also report healthier relationships with family members as their own hearts are calmed and healed.   


This hybrid approach to therapeutic intervention draws from many disciplines, operates on very deep levels, is precise and specific, yet has Global positive impacts on a person's physical and energetic body, mind and spirit.

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BodyIntuitive is a quantum Energy Healing System that integrates 21st Century Science with the time honored practices of Chinese Medicine.

The sessions activate the
restorative and regenerative
nervous system where the body is
able to heal itself.

BodyIntuitive offers:

A path to radical health and well-being,

Real solutions for chronic disease

Acquired and ancestral epigenetic clearing,

Hormone and neurotransmitter communicator balancing

Flush out toxins

Optimize brain function

Chakra and energy field enhancement

Clear stress and anxiety

Enhance tend and befriend and challenge hormones 

Weight loss and metabolism communicator.

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"Laura is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. Her knowledge, compassion, and generosity are beyond compare. She approaches each person as a unique individual and has the capacity to see them in their entirety. Laura's work heals mind, body, and spirit. I have greatly benefited from the Qigong training and Body Intuitive sessions.!  
~Nicole Levin, LCSW Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher

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MON - FRI: 1:00PM - 5:30PM 


200 Eagle Road, Suite 210, Wayne,

PA 19087
Phone 484-624-14678


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