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Energy Freedom Circle™

Join our dedicated group of individuals who work together to transform their energy through the daily practice of Qigong. 

Start your practice of Qigong. Build and sustain an abundance of focused energy so that you can live your highest life path. 


Transform Stress into Energy

Yin-Yang Medical Qigong Training
6-week course

 Gain direct access to your
internal energy reserves with Qigong.

Unlike tai chi or yoga, Qigongs gentle movements more directly support self-healing. In Energy Freedom Circle, you’ll first learn the structure of Qigong movements, and then begin to add the internal energy practices into the exercises. The enhanced flow of energy will open up the energy gates to increase the bodies natural healing resources.
Young man practicing traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Ji and Qi gong in the park for healthy

A simple sequence perfect for Qigong Beginners

If you are struggling with low energy, fatigue, and stress, join Yin Yang Medical Qigongs' simple daily practices to nourish and sustain your energy throughout the day.  These practices can be done sitting or standing,  and offers real solutions for chronic disease.
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"Qigong has helped me focus. It brought me into a healthier mental state, instead of just moving headstrong through life."  
~Emily Counts, Artist, Massage Therapist

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 When you build your internal energy  with Qigong, all your bodies systems function optimally.

Qigong is one of the 5 pillars of Chinese medicine which includes acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle and Qigong. It is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back more than 5,000 years.
According to the National Institutes of Health, 97% of studies show that practicing Qigong increases physical function, quality of life, symptoms, pain, and improvements in mental health. 


In the biomedical view, Qigong supports optimizing: 


Respiratory system
  • Increase respiratory frequency, rhythm, and depth

  • Positive effect on diaphragmatic movement

  • Increase vital capacity and ventilator capacity

  • Effects autonomic nervous system functions which can lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase saliva secretion, and bladder contraction


Cardiovascular System
  • Lower blood pressure

  • Dual regulatory effect on heart rate and rhythm

  • Increase the blood supply throughout the body


Brain Function and Neuroplasticity

  • Optimize your Neuro-chemistry

  • Increase microcirculation
  • Support the immune system
  • Balance Brain Wave Frequency

"After each practice, I find that I am more in touch with my body, more in touch with the world.
My mind is quieter and more connected to life."
 ~Michael Karanek, [Church President, Dungeons and Dragons Master.]


Judy Luther,

Slowing down in the Qigong form is the way to give myself more time in the day.  The practice helps me to think clearer, rest my brain and increase my creativity.  This all allows me to be more productive. 


I so appreciate how Laura teaches this class.  It's building a foundational base in my body.  Your objectives met so well with my own objectives.



Gina Nostrant,
Inspirational Coach

My favorite part of the course was looking forward to starting my morning with the qigong. I could truly feel my energy change during the practice.  It was really wonderful. I'm definitely sleeping better, and am more creative. During my practice I would get these  inspirations throughout the day. So for that I'm super grateful, and I'm really excited to keep my practice up. Thank you.


Jen Schranz, MD Researcher

After starting to work with Laura, I really felt a shift in my energy."


It's taken me to my mid 50s to actually understand the power that I have in myself, and for that I am extremely grateful.


I want to continue this practice. So please join us. This has been a very transformative experience for me.

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Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself.

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Heal your mind, body, and spirit through the Energy Freedom Circle daily Qigong practice .

""I absolutely love Laura's course!" Her meditative, compassionate approach has been truly healing. It helps me get through my day. I have more energy, focus and am much calmer. If I'm having trouble sleeping at night, the meditations really work." 
~Chris C. Muscian, Artist, Composer



1:00 PM - 5:30 PM



200 Eagle Road, Suite 210, Wayne,

PA 19087
Phone 484-624-1468


Stay updated on the latest on Qigong practices, trainings, research, and energy healing news.

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