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Six Video Lessons focused on Ba Duan Jin Qigong.

There are a total of 8 movements in the Ba Duan Jin.  Each movement benefits and stimulates the 12 meridians. This form is easy to master and to notice results. We will only be doing the form with no added exercises to make the classes short and sweet!


"Ba means eight, Duan means pieces or sections, and Jin refers to the finest silk, or brocade. Jin has the connotation of a person’s best, most precious, and decorative possession. The Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong is composed of eight postures, and the name suggests that this form of exercise is the most valuable thing a person could have. The earliest written record of Ba Duan Jin dates back to the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1279 CE)."

Ba Duan Jin Qigong Video Series

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