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My Quick and Easy Strategy to Increase Energy and Feel Great About Waking Up in the Morning.

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Hi there!

A little more than a year ago, I started practicing Qigong again, something that I had practiced off and on for a number of years. A friend offered a course online and I took it, loved it and made a commitment to myself to practice daily.

It seems that I have a natural innate wisdom for the practices as I learned them quickly and was able to practice without the videos pretty soon after learning them.

More importantly, was the daily practice. Waking every morning to go outside in most weather to create a practice designed to transform my energy gave me deep satisfaction and a way to get underneath the cause of the stress, fatigue and memory loss that was affecting my day to day living.

At the time that I started my practices, I started feeling like I was aging rapidly. My memory was lapsing, I was quite fatigued during the day, with low energy and not a lot of drive. I'm nearing retirement age. I've never had any real desire to retire, but I honestly started thinking well maybe I'll have to.

I love my work and always saw myself as the kind of person that could work forever. So the thinking patterns were a bit alarming.

Understanding the power of a daily practice from living at Kripalu Yoga Ashram for 5 years propelled me forward to stop worrying and start practicing.

The best thing that happened was a friend of mine wanted to get up early with me and practice. We've been practicing together 3-4 times a week since the pandemic began and it's been a lifesaver on many levels.

We go outside at 6:30 or 7 every morning, connect on FaceTime and practice forms, breathing and meditations. These subtle level energy connections that are created through practicing together, have helped both of us to break through resistances and frustrations during these very trying times. As well as stay in touch with our inner child and the wonder that exists within the heart.

Rather than blocking the feelings that rise to the surface, feeling them deeply and finding ways to channel the expression of the depths within my heart has been a true gift.

The Energy Building practices found at the foundation of Qigong keeps energy flowing through the internal channels and creates an outlet for emotions, frustrations, stress and anxiety to flow through the body rather than getting lodged into the organs.

If you'd like to connect through some qigong practices and a growing community of support, you can join my facebook group at I would love to see you.

Also, my instagram site has some simple exercise, and haiku poetry.

Happy New Year,


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