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EZ Water for Cellular Healing

I think about water a lot! Mostly, what's the cleanest and safest way to ingest the water that my body needs to stay hydrated and healthy.These days, that's a challenge since clean water sources are harder to find, but there are solutions. Our modern lifestyle encourages us to drink water out of plastic bottles: a big mistake as plastic brings a myriad of toxic chemicals into the water and our bodies. Our streams are polluted. Our tap water goes through an intricate web of pipe systems, some very old with a build up of microscopic particles, microbes, drugs, chlorination and toxins that have invaded our water systems.

These days we ingest, breathe in and bathe in more toxins in one day than our ancestors 100 years ago processed in a lifetime. YIKES!! With the level of toxins that our bodies are needing to process, clean water is a vital source of cleansing and hydrating our cells. So what is the best way to get healthy water into our cells?

Our cells are made up of about 2/3 water and because water molecules are so tiny, some researchers are saying that 99% of our bodies' molecules are water. We all know that water, H20, comes in 3 phases, liquid, solid and vapor. But did you know that there is a fourth phase of waterwhich has a more viscous consistency?

It's nicknamed EZ water or exclusion zone water. There are some very unique qualities EZ water. Here are a few. EZ Water:​

  • Carries a negative charge

  • Increases in size exponentially when exposed to light

  • Carries a crystalline structure

  • Although the molecular structure of EZ water consists of hydrogen and oxygen, as does water, it is not H20 but H302: the fourth phase of water.

  • It's also believed that Jing, one of the 3 treasures of Chinese Medicine is EZ water.

If you like to geek out on the science of this stuff like I do, then check the links at the end of the page to get your feet wet, but for now, I'll give you a short synopsis of how you can increase EZ water in your body, your brain, your cells, your Jing! Woohoo!

Water loving (or hydrophilic) structures when dropped into water create an exclusion zone. This process changes H20 into H3O2. This crystalline structure of H3O2 surrounds the edges of cell walls, red blood cells, bacteria, and virtually anything that can form a hydrogen bond with water molecules. This is what creates what researchers have called an exclusion zone; thetension surface of the meeting point between any water loving structure and H2O.

Interestingly, this gel-like tension of EZ (exclusion zone) water is also found where air meets water. This explains how water bugs and Jesus Lizards found in South, North and Central America can skirt across the surface of a pond without falling in. The EZ water creates a stronger, structured surface with decreased mobility relative to all other kinds of water (which we'll call bulk water).

Researchers have found that EZ water carries a strong negative charge. Conversely, in bulk water, there's an equally strong positive charge. So for example, if you dropped a stone into a river, the water molecules split into positive and negative charges creating a polarization between EZ water and H20.

Interestingly, any particles that enter the zone are immediately expelled into the bulk water lying outside of the "exclusion zone", thus EZ water is free from solutes, - substances that dissolve in water. The polarization between H2O and H3O2 creates a liquid crystalline within the water. Perhaps you remember Masaru Emoto's work demonstrating how prayer and classical music transforms water molecules into beautiful crystalline structures. Well, forward thinking researchers like Dr. Emoto have taken this work further, finding that the polarization between the EZ water and bulk water is what draws these gel-like structures (water drops, bacteria, cells...) towards each other into a crystalline form.

Gerald Pollack explains in his research that "The repulsion between the negatively charged particles is exactly balanced by the attraction to the positive charges in between. In the space between two particles, there will be an excess of positive charges compared to elsewhere, which is why the particles end up being attracted to one another." (New Age of Water: Liquid Crystalline water at the Interface. Science in Society)

Are we solar powered? Do we engage in the first steps of photosynthesis? Research has found that when light enters EZ water, the most effective being infrared light, the layers of water within the exclusion zone multiply exponentially. Bring on the sun and far-infrared saunas!! - Mother Nature uses light and water to transform seedlings into plants and trees. Perhaps this is the human body's very own process of photosynthesis.

To build EZ water in our cells, we need light, consciousness, movement, breath, positive thinking and prayer, green juicing, coconut water, lots of clean structured water, (more on structured water below) grounding - earthing. Take your shoes off and walk on the negatively charged earth. As Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate says. “Life is water dancing to the tune of molecules.”

In my intuitive healing sessions, I give attention to EZ water. Mostly to activate the movement of EZ water through the structures in which I'm focusing, whether it be on a cellular, tissue, organ, energetic or systems level. I can feel the consistency of the tissue change under my hands and an increase of movement potential throughout the part of the body within the point of focus. It is my belief that movement of fluids changes the chemical structure of tissues increasing their elasticity and therefore their health, thus allowing the body to achieve a higher order of organization.

Stay tuned for EZ Water 2.0 in my next blog post.

​Laura Chalfant, MA, CPB

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Mind-Body Evolve

Dr. Gerald Pollock in his Ted Talks: TEDxGuelphU9/6/2013 and in his TEDxNewYorkSalon explains the research that his team at the University of Washington in Seattle have been doing for the better part of a decade.

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