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Chinese medicine and BodyTalk

In the study of classical Chinese medicine within the BodyTalk System, we balance the Jing;, Qi and Shen or The Three Treasures, to bring about a state of optimal health that is fluid and dynamic.

The Jing is the fundamental essence within the cells, the fluids that nourish all physiological functions. Prenatal Jing comes from our parents, postnatal Jing comes from the nourishment that we take in on a daily basis.

Qi is energy. A strong, unobstructed flow of energy flowing through the meridians supports the upright Qi in the body which gives one a sense of health and well-being.

Shen is spirit. When the Shen is balanced, the mind is clear and the heart is calm. We respond to changes with equanimity and feel a sense of Oneness with the elements and our own true essence. This balancing of The Three Treasures supports all other systems in the body to heal and come back into homeostasis.

BodyTalk brilliantly combines the latest Scientific research with the best of Traditional Therapies such as Classical Chinese Medicine creating a truly unique and superior health care system.

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