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What is your microbiome?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Your Microbiome: Microbes Matter! The function of microbes in the role of your health has become a revolution in healthcare. The human microbiome project has found that the imbalance and loss of essential microbes of our microbiome has destabilized our immune system and thrown it into an inflammation over-reaction! There has been a revolution in healthcare that rather than seeing microbes as deadly germs we now are looking at this as friends with benefits!!

“The biological reality that we are vessels to a vast microbial ecosystem is radically altering our basic understanding of medicine, nutrition, public health and the very scientific foundation of what makes us sick.” Jeff leach, honor Thy Symbionts

A healthy microbiome = A healthy you, a healthy immune system, is essential for digestion, impacts your brain and mood and determines whether you are overweight or lean.

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