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Image by Simon Godfrey

Yin Yang Medical Qigong Workshop
at The Holistic Health and Healing Expo
Sunday October 15th at 1:45
Cost $40

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With Laura Chalfant, MA
Founder of
Energy Freedom Circle Qigong


"Laura is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with. Her knowledge, compassion, and generosity are beyond compare. She approaches each person as a unique individual and has the capacity to see them in their entirety. Laura's work heals mind, body, and spirit. I have greatly benefited from the Qigong training and Body Intuitive sessions.!  
Nicole Levin, LCSW Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher

""I absolutely love Laura's course!" Her meditative, compassionate approach has been truly healing. It helps me get through my day. I have more energy, focus and am much calmer. If I'm having trouble sleeping at night, the meditations really work." 
Chris Chalfant. Muscian, Artist, Composer

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