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Transform Stress
into Energy Now

 with master Qigong teacher and
energy medicine practitioner


Laura Chalfant

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Begin your journey to
Radical Health and

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Energy Freedom Circle

A Qigong Training Community
for Beginners

Join our energy-loving online Qigong community.
Learn simple ways to build a daily personal practice that elevates, balances and transforms your energy system using Yin Yang Medical Qigong and traditional Qigong practices.

Dissolve energy deficiency and stagnation in your body, mind, and spirit so you can feel joy, transform anxiety and fatigue into energy and deepen Self Love. 

Ready to restore youthful, vibrant precious life energy?
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 Feel elevated, balanced, and sustained vital energy,
every day.

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I've been running my own energy healing business for nearly 40 years and I  know what happens to those of us who are passionate about helping others.  


We give our hearts and souls to alleviating the pain and suffering of our clients so that they can live a fulfilled life. 

But what about you?  Is your cup full? Or moving towards empty?

Being so busy solving everyone else’s problems has now taken a toll on your own mental and physical health.  You may lack the vital energy necessary for proper blood circulation, easy digestion, and optimal brain function.

So are you ready for renewed vitality?

Over the past 25 years, I've helped thousands of people to regain core energy and resume happy, fulfilled lives - whether through classes or 1:1 energy healing sessions.


I'm here for you, too.




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"Laura's approach to healing is deeply intuitive as well as informed by rigorous study and training. Her ability to get to the root of health challenges- be they of body, mind, spirit, or genetics and ancestry- is consistently accurate and reflects her skill, deep wisdom and understanding of the interconnection of all things.
 ~Dr. Christina J, Nurse Practitioner

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Energy Medicine

BodyIntuitive integrates  21st Century Science with Chinese Medicine offering clients a comprehensive energy medicine approach to optimal health.

Energy Medicine is for anyone who is interested in taking their health to the next level. 


Sessions are 1 hour and consist of a comprehensive health evaluation, and an individualized session that uses a neuromuscular bio-feedback system and a mind-body map to create an individualized session that gets to the root of your health challenge.

Discover your body's innate wisdom to heal through BodyIntuitive precision energy medicine.  
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MON - FRI: 1:00PM - 5:30PM 


200 Eagle Road, Suite 210, Wayne,

PA 19087

Phone 484-624-1460


Stay updated on the latest on Qigong practices, trainings, research, and energy healing news.

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